The PN-55D, a professional 55” LCD display in 500 nits brightness and wide viewing angle design ensures vivid image reproduction and better visual performance in public settings. As a DLNA compliant display, the PN-55D supports multimedia sharing within devices in local network. Additionally, its built-in scheduler, OPS slot and tiling function make easier the system setup of digital signage. Both landscape and portrait display orientations allow flexibility in video wall installation. Coupled with the metal casing and Anti-Burn-in™ technology, the PN-55D is ideally for 24/7 digital signage and commercial environments.

• LED-backlit technology with FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution
• 500 nits brightness
• Premium-grade panel for high reliability and long product lifetime
• 1.0±0.2 mm (bottom/right); 2.1±0.2 mm (top/left) super narrow bezel
• Anti-Burn-in™ technology
• AIP technology: 3D Comb filter/ Deinterlace/ Noise Reduction
• Versatile connectivity: VGA in/out, DVI in/out, HDMI, DisplayPort in/out, CVBS and Component
• RS-232 in/out and RJ45 allow remote control
• Tiling function for easy video wall setup (supports up to 10 x 10)
• DLNA function: easy sharing and playing digital content with DLNA compliant devices via local network
• Built-in scheduler allows different program scheduling
• HeatControl Sensor automatically activates the internal cooling fan to cool down the temperature
• OPS slot ready for easy media player integration
• Orientation: portrait and landscape
• Built-in speakers
• Durable metal housing design
• Rigorous screening of the components for mission-critical 24/7 applications

    Super Narrow Bezel  
    The PN-55D featuring a 3.5 mm bezel-to-bezel width in a video wall blends immaculately into digital signage and demanding industrial settings.  
    Tiling Function  
    Built-in tiling function allows easy image setting in a video wall matrix (supports up to 10 x 10).  
    Built-in Scheduler       DVI, VGA and DisplayPort Daisy-chain
    Built-in scheduler automatically activates and deactivates the PN-55D with designated input signal according to programmed schedules.
      DVI, VGA and DisplayPort loop through functions make video wall installation easy and quick.
    500 Nits High Brightness       HeatControl Sensor
    The high brightness panel assures premium image quality without interference of high ambient light in indoor and semi-outdoor environments.       HeatControl Sensor detects the display temperature and automatically activates the internal cooling fans to cool down or shut down the display for long product life time.
    RS-232 And RJ45 Remote Control       Landscape/Portrait Display Orientation
    RS-232 and RJ45 allow users to remotely control one or multiple displays via PCs.       Flexible display orientations suit preferred content layouts.
    Durable Metal Casing      
    Durable metal casing and rigorously selected components assure 24/7 non-stop operations.      
PN-55D Product Datasheet
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PN-55D User Manual Download. PDF Format (48,372KB)

PN-55D Technical Drawing Download. PDF Format (1,694KB)

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Optional Accessories
• Ceiling Mounts (CMP-01)
• Wall Mounts (LMA-01)
• Wall Mounts (LMK-01)
• Wall Mounts (LMK-03)

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