Solutions for optimised image quality and flexible image viewer options
Featuring the Built-in Image Enhancer and Smart Omni Viewer, AG Neovo’s cutting-edge image processing technology is incorporated into the displays to fulfill the demanding environments for mega-pixel resolution image quality and flexible image viewer options.

Built-in Image Enhancer
Featuring 3D comb filter, 3D Deinterlace and Noise Reduction to solve image issues – offering abundant clarity to even the most demanding security environments.
3D Comb Filter Resolves cross colouring and dot crawl in high bandwidth transmission.

3D Deinterlace Prevents image aliasing issues such as blurring and flickering.
  Noise Reduction Reduces signal instability and disturbance, providing crystal clear image.

Smart Omni Viewer
Featuring varieties surveillance options to enable multipoint viewing and flexible monitoring – offering convenient one-click switch to instantly rotate, or freeze on-screen image as frequently as needed.
PIP Inset windows display sub-screen alongside the main displays.

PBP Allows the simultaneous monitoring of two locations in split-screen format.
  PIP Swap Allows the swapping of main screen image and sub-screen image.

Closer Monitoring Instantly freeze on-screen image without back-end recording disruption.
  Increased Clarity 180˚ image-rotation makes inverted display installation possible - results in optimised image quality.

    Products With
Advanced Image Platform™